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Advanced Immune Support (formerly Immune Glucans)

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Vitamin C & Rosehips (formerly known as Rosehips)

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Vitamin D3 2000iu

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From £5.45

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Vegetarian and Vegan

Most of our supplements are vegetarian and vegan – that’s over 100 products! Here are our recommendations to support your vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

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Do you have high blood pressure?

Are you one of the 1 in 4 people worldwide with high blood pressure? Because high blood pressure (hypertension) rarely causes any symptoms, it is estimated that some 5.5 million people in England alone have undiagnosed high blood pressure.

Recovering from illness

If you’ve been unwell it can take time to bounce back to your old self. You may be left with lack of energy, loss of appetite and low mood. Now is the time to prioritise your health by giving your body the optimum conditions to do so. Here are my tips to support you in your recovery.

Could a lack of MAGNESIUM be affecting your health?

Do you suffer from one or more of the following: • Poor sleep • Tiredness and fatigue • Restless legs • Eye twitches • PMT • Anxiety • Muscular cramps?

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