This naturally pink pigment could become your favourite ally when preparing for the summer sun!

Did you know that...

  • Astaxanthin (pronounced asta-zan-thin) is an amazing carotenoid antioxidant believed to be many times more powerful than vitamin E, vitamin C and beta carotene in mopping up damaging free radicals responsible for skin ageing.
  • Astaxanthin is a photoprotective molecule, protecting against UV-light from the sun and affording natural internal protection against sun-induced skin damage.
  • Studies supplementing astaxanthin have demonstrated more hydrated skin with increased elasticity and fewer wrinkles.
  • The algae haematococcus pluvialis, is the richest natural source of astaxanthin, which is produced by the plant as a survival mechanism to protect against intense sunlight or a lack of nutrition.  
  • The only two food sources of astaxanthin are from the algae itself or creatures with a pink hue such as shellfish and salmon that consume the algae.
  • The good news is that you can supplement astaxanthin – one study showed that in participants taking 4mg astaxanthin, significantly more ultraviolet light energy was required to produce skin reddening, the first stage of sunburn. 
  • Even when the sun goes in, astaxanthin keeps working to provide a powerful antioxidant effect throughout the body. Scavenging free radicals helps to prevent inflammation, protect the eyes and support the immune and cardiovascular system.

So why not add the naturally protective effects of astaxanthin to your daily supplement intake to make sure you stay in the pink!

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