For natural calm

Do you often feel anxious? Are you easily stressed? If so, you may benefit from topping up your magnesium intake. Signs that you may be low in magnesium include anxiety, low resilience to stress, poor sleep, fatigue, restless legs, eye twitches, PMS and muscular cramps.

Often referred to as “nature’s relaxant”, magnesium plays an important role in our ability to cope with stress, helping to moderate the stress response and keep us calm. The lower your magnesium levels, the more you will react to stress. Unfortunately stress itself, whether mental or physical, seriously depletes magnesium, as our stores are used up in reacting to stress. So it’s a catch 22 situation! 

Moreover if your diet is high in sugars, more magnesium will be excreted from the body via the kidneys. Magnesium is also rapidly depleted in the body by excessive alcohol as well as by certain prescription medications such as diuretics and painkillers. 

This vicious cycle can be broken by ditching the sugar and ensuring you are eating plenty of magnesium rich foods. Great sources include leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains, bananas, beans, lentils and salmon. 

Taking a well absorbed magnesium supplement can also help when the going gets tough. When taken about an hour before bed, magnesium helps to calm the nervous system and relax the muscles for that all-important good-night’s sleep.

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