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Leaky Gut Screen

What is Leaky Gut?

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  • Leaky gut test at home
  • Easy to use stool test
  • Can only be sent to customers with a UK delivery address 

  • Sorry, but we can only send this health screen to customers who have a UK delivery address.
    When you return your completed test sample to the required address it is important that your name is clearly displayed on the outside of the box to prevent a delay when processing your results.

A leaky gut can cause havoc with your system, which is why we developed our Leaky Gut Screen. It’s a condition that can be hard to detect due to its numerous symptoms, such as bloating, brain fog, migraines, anxiety, chronic stress and infection, and is caused when the intestinal lining becomes inflamed and porous, allowing foreign particles to leak into the bloodstream. This leaky gut kit looks for a specific enzyme that, when this condition is present, can be detected in stool.

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