Staying hydrated improves your energy levels, mood and skin, but did you know it also improves immunity and supports your digestive and cardiovascular systems too? Our bodies are around two thirds water. Take too little fluid on-board and you feel lethargic pretty quickly, but longer term you might find your digestive system sluggish and prone to constipation, your skin looking less than plump and brain feeling tired and slow. Hydration is vital for making sure toxins and waste products are eliminated from your system and to ensure nutrients are absorbed in the gut.

Hydration and Effervescents

For a hydrating drink that’s positively bursting with goodness why not try one of our effervescent range – a great way to nourish, drench and quench in one easy step. Perfect at home or on the go, they can be added to your favourite water bottle whether you are heading to the gym, the great outdoors or the beach.

Each has a deliciously fruity flavour. Natural juicy orange in the Vitamin C which gives your energy, skin and cellular protection a boost, and also the Magnesium Effervescent which helps soothe frayed nerves and support electrolyte balance. The Multi Effervescent has a bright, tangy raspberry flavour, formulated to give your whole system a lift, from head to toe.

It includes B vitamins for rescuing you from tiredness and fatigue including B5 for picking up mental performance, biotin for hair and skin, and B6 for hormone balance, as well as minerals for muscles, teeth and bone health. Natural elderberry flavour in the Immune effervescent is wonderfully soothing whilst it tops up your vitamin D and zinc levels in times of need or as an everyday backup.

They are a tasty convenient way to give your system some sparkle. A refreshing way to top up your nutrients, drench your taste buds and hydrate your whole system. Maybe even add in an ice cube or two for an ice-cool way to top up your vital nutrients – think of it as a nutrient-showered summer mocktail.

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