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As we begin to return to our daily lives, it has never been more important to ensure our immune system has all the help it needs to function optimally and keep us healthy. Vitamin C and D are two of the most important nutrients to support this which is why we have created the below product bundles, designed to give you and your family guaranteed monthly supplies depending on the number of people in your household.

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Immunity Bundle


3 X VIT C (60 tablets)

1 X VIT D (60 capsules)

Fizzy C Vitamin D

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Immunity Bundle Extra


6 X VIT C (120 tablets)

2 X VIT D (60 capsules)

Fizzy C Vitamin D

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Some Extra Information for you

Vitamin C Effervescent

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin which cannot be stored in the body and must be consumed regularly to help maintain a healthy immune system, to combat tiredness and fatigue, promote collagen formation and aid the normal function of bones, blood vessels, gums and teeth.

Our handy effervescent tablets can be dropped in water to create a delicious orange flavour drink and just one tablet a day can help increase your intake of vitamin C.

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High Strength Vitamin D3 2000iu

Research suggests that as many as one in five people in the UK have low levels of vitamin D. One factor which is key is lack of exposure of the skin to sunlight – a particularly relevant issue now as we all spend much longer periods of time indoors! Therefore the only way to get the required amount is via supplementation.

Our high strength vegetarian vitamin D3 capsules significantly boost your levels and provide crucial support to the immune system during these difficult times. Vitamin D also promotes healthy bones and teeth, and the normal function of muscles.

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*We have developed these bundles in such a way that they will you and your family, no matter how many live in your household:
Bundle option 1 provides a 2 month supply for one person / 1 month supply for 2 people
Bundle option 2 provides a 
4 month supply for one person / 2 month supply for 2 people / 1 month supply for a family of four

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