Because Cleansing Is Also Self Care

Add a little luxury to your cleanse. The Digital Defence Cleansing Milk has a beautifully creamy texture, designed to gently remove daily dirt and build up, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and healthy. Bringing self-care into the cleanse, Digital Defence has developed this milk, which not only feels super silky, but it also contains an all-natural ingredient complex called Digitect® which naturally protects the skin against blue light. Including lycopene from tomatoes, Verbascum, Knotgrass and Rice Oil, Digitect® adds another layer of care to your daily routine.

The Digital Defence Cleansing Milk works best when used with the rest of the Digital Defence range, a skincare regime specifically designed to protect skin against the daily assault of blue light and reduce the appearance of digital ageing.

The Natural Answer to Digital Ageing

The Digital Defence range is the next generation of skincare, designed to protect against the skin’s daily assault from HEV blue light, emitted from screens, smartphones, LED light, as well as the blue light waves present in daylight.* It helps restore skin, and combat the visible signs of digital ageing.

Clinically proven to block 100% of HEV, Blue Light & Reduce the signs of digital ageing

This ultra-light cleansing lotion gently removes impurities and detoxifies skin. Designed to be rinsed off with warm water, leaving skin that feels clean and ready for the day or night, it creates the perfect base for the moisturising, blue light blocking products in the range.

Natural Active Ingredients for reversing the effects of Digital Ageing

As well as providing a barrier to protect the skin from blue light, our Digital Defence range is wholly vegan and organic using natural plant extracts, making it suitable for all skin types.

Organic Shea Butter promotes cellular renewal and elasticity giving tone to a dull complexion. Full of fatty acids which are essential for the hydration of the skin. Naturally rich in vitamins A and E, it creates an effective barrier against irritation from wind, cold and environmental pollutants, without blocking the pores. Organic Jojoba Oil has a composition that is very similar to the oils in human skin (sebum) and acts as an instant moisturiser for added hydration. Organic Lemon Extract works as an astringent and exfoliant, to effectively prepare the skin for subsequent treatment. Organic Mallow Extract is deeply hydrating, restoring water balance to the skins surface. Fortified with rosemary and thyme flower water.

  • Ultra hydrating
  • Detoxifies the skin from daily impurities
  • Naturally leaves skin feeling softer
  • Soothing for dry and sensitive skin
  • Visibly brightens complexion
  • Rich in vitamins A and C, plus omega 6

Proven results when used as part of the Digital Defence routine*

  • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles by 25% 
  • Reduces skin sensitivity by 91%
  • Helps improves skin elasticity by 29%
  • Hydrates skin by 31%
  • Reduces the appearance of skin pigmentation by 15%
  • Improves the appearance of problematic skin by 65%

For Complete Protection against High Energy Visible Blue Light

Clinically proven to block 100% HEV blue light.

Directions:  Use morning and night. Massage onto the face and neck in circular movements, remove with lukewarm water. For best results use with Digital Defence Day & Night Protection Serum.

* User trials were undertaken at the BEMA Institute in Italy. Twenty participants were given all five products in the Digital Defence range to use as their sole daily routine for one month. The average age of the participants was 39.7. All products were used morning and evening, except the Exfoliating Treatment Mask which was used twice a week. Test were conducted in a conditioned atmosphere of 21 C and maintained with regulated humidity. Subjects were acclimatised at least 30 minutes before the measurements were recorded using an API-100 Dermatoscope, with an average of three readings

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