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Organic Coconut Syrup

A natural alternative to refined sugar or syrup

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    • Low glycaemic index
    • Vegan alternative to honey
    • Certified Organic
    • Naturally sweet, malty flavour
    • Drizzle onto yoghurts and desserts or add to smoothies and drinks

What is Tree of Life Organic Cocnut Syrup?

Tree of Life Organic Coconut Syrup is made from the nectar of the coconut palm tree and has a naturally sweet, malty flavour. With a low glycaemic index it’s a great alternative to refined sugar, syrup and honey. Drizzle onto desserts, yoghurt, in drinks and baking whenever you need a little natural sweetness.

Who is it for?

Our Coconut Syrup's natural sweetness and low glycaemic index make it perfect for anyone looking for a healthier alternative to refined sugar or syrup. Ideal for vegans too making it a great honey substitute.

Why do we love Cocnut Syrup?

Low glycaemic index

organic coconut sugar, water

Use in place of cane sugar, syrup or honey 1:1. Enjoy as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate.

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