Good hydration is key to feeling and looking your best all year round, however the warmer weather may have you reaching for the water bottle more often.

Our nutritional therapists have put together some top tips for staying topped up on your water this summer:

Drink at least 6-8 glasses of natural mineral water or filtered water a day to prevent overheating. Add crushed ice and slices of refreshing lemon, lime or other fruits to flavour your water. 

A celery-based juice is great post-workout due to its high potassium and sodium levels, making it an ideal electrolyte-replacement drink. Cucumber is cleansing and hydrating. Use cucumber slices topically for puffiness under the eyes and to soothe skin irritated by the sun. Watermelon is great for re-hydrating and is packed with beneficial antioxidants. Cube the watermelon flesh, purée and freeze in ice cube trays to add to your favourite drink. Strawberries have a high water content and more vitamin C per cupful than an orange. Add to a feta cheese salad or smoothie or enjoy with live low fat dairy or coconut yoghurt. And don’t forget that the easiest way to determine if you are drinking enough is to check the colour of your urine. It should be pale straw coloured. If it is darker than this, you need more fluid.




Lighter days and warmer nights can all add up to poor sleep. Follow our top tips to make sure all the family sleeps soundly for better immune health, energy levels and mood. 

Darken bedrooms and stick to the same wake and sleep times every day to help the body set a strong sleep/wake cycle. Ditch screens an hour before heading to bed. Blue light inhibits melatonin production, the hormone which gives the brain its queue to feel sleepy.

Take a warm bath or shower before bed. Whilst it seems counter-intuitive, this helps release core body heat which encourages melatonin release. Avoid eating meals or sugary foods late into the evening, caffeine after mid afternoon, and too much alcohol which all disrupt sleep. L-theanine and magnesium make a great combination as you head into the evening, or at bedtime add in Valerian Sleep Aid or Serotone 5-HTP. For younger ones try our Relax & Unwind sachets.

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