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Corin Sadler

Higher Nature Nutritional Therapist

Nutritional Therapist Dip ION


Boost Your Happy

If you want to lift flagging spirits, make today the day you get up and out doing something you love.

Feel Great Going Plant Based

If you decide to go plant based, you may worry that you will be missing out on vital nutrients. Let’s have a look at some to watch out for.

A magical menopause?

As a culture we have lost touch with being in sync with our body’s, often not prioritising sleep, exercise and diet, which we know are important influencers of female hormones. The menopause is a natural stage in any woman’s life but here in the West rather than viewed in a positive way, it is often treated as a disease and signifies loss, rather than celebrating the wisdom and liberation that other cultures round the world seem to.

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