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TRUE FOOD® SuperNutrition Plus

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Serotone 5HTP - 100mg

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TRUE FOOD® B Complex

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Vegetarian and Vegan

Most of our supplements are vegetarian and vegan – that’s over 100 products! Here are our recommendations to support your vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

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Teenagers and Vitamin D

Teenagers go through huge mental and physical changes during adolescence and we know from the work of neuroscientists that adolescence isn’t only characterised by hormonal changes.

Stress, Sleep & GABA – what’s the connection?

What can I do to lower stress and Anxiety levels?

Will Applying Sunscreen Prevent Vitamin D Production?

It is a modern dilemma – do you go out in the sun and top up your vitamin D levels but risk sunburn and sun damage, which at its worst can lead to skin cancer?

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