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With today’s fast-paced lifestyles, it’s difficult to achieve the right levels of nutrients from your diet alone. Help fuel your mind and body with vitamin and mineral supplements developed for men by our expert nutritionists.

From wellbeing to skincare, our range of multivitamins and supplements can help support your health journey.

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    • Saw Palmetto Complex

      Comprehensive one-a-day formula for male health

      Many men find that as they age their sleep is disturbed by calls of nature in the middle of the night - saw palmetto has long been used as the go-to herb to remedy this. This complete one-a-day formula is based on the latest research and combines 9 complementary nutrients for full support.

      30 Capsules£22.95 More Info
    • Serotone 5-HTP (100mg)

      Natural amino acid

      Serotone 5-HTP - Natural amino acid

      5HTP is a natural amino acid found in the body. Serotone also contains specific co-factor B vitamins and zinc. Available in 50mg and 100mg size capsules.

      30 Capsules£12.95 £11.65 More Info
      90 Capsules£32.95 More Info
    • TRUE FOOD® All Man

      Wholefood multivitamin supplement for men

      True Food ® All Man

      True Food® All Man provides a complete spectrum of food-based essential vitamins and minerals for high bioavailability.

      180 Veg Caps£56.95 More Info
    • Zinc

      High-quality zinc supplement


      Zinc is a key antioxidant mineral. This supplement provides Zinc in the citrate form for high bioavailability, plus Copper in the correct ratio.

      90 Veg Tabs£7.95 More Info
    • Advanced Multi no added iron

      Powerful multivitamin with minerals

      Powerful multivitamin and mineral. All the great benefits of a high strength quality multivitamin and mineral but without added iron. Expertly formulated to offer an improved replacement to our Maxi Multi.

      90 Veg Tabs£19.95 £16.95 More Info
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