Our bodies are full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are living organisms that are found naturally in foods such as yogurt and they are known as ‘good’ or ‘friendly’ bacteria because they fight harmful bacteria to keep your gut healthy. Our extensive range of hard-working probiotic supplements encourage the growth of friendly bacteria which are resistant to stomach acid, allowing them to work effectively to digest nutrients and fight infection in the gut.

    • Pro-Intensive Extra

      Comprehensive, advanced multi strain formula

      Perfect for anyone wanting higher strength everyday support. Ideal for those experiencing troublesome bloating, wind, constipation, IBS or frequent infections. The comprehensive support is also well suited to those with hectic lifestyles, shift-workers or poor diets.

      30 Veg Caps£21.00 £15.70 More Info
    • Pro-Woman

      Specific and comprehensive multi-strain support for women

      This multistrain support is ideal for women of all ages, helping to combat thrush, UTIs or cystitis, it can be used alongside conventional anti-fungal treatment, or once the treatment course has ended. It is also ideal way to provide support after antibiotics too.

      30 Veg Caps£20.00 £15.00 More Info
    • Pro-Daily

      For a healthy gut


      The hardy spore form friendly bacteria Bacillus coagulans is resistant to harsh stomach acid. It is great for travel and does not need refrigeration.

      30 Veg Tabs£4.70 More Info
      90 Veg Tabs£9.50 More Info
    • Pro-Digestion


      60 V-Cap Blister£21.00 £15.70 More Info
    • Pro-Easy

      Live bacteria for adults and kids


      Ideal for children or adults who don’t like capsules, and useful after antibiotics, or as a daily supplement.

      45 G Veg Pdr£4.40 More Info
      90 Veg Pdr£7.65 £5.70 More Info
    • Pro-Easy Extra

      Multi-strain bacteria

      37 .5 Veg Pdr£15.00 £11.20 More Info
    • Pro-Gest

      Dairy-free friendly bacteria supplement


      Natural residents of the human gut and mouth, Lactobacillus salivarius are very resilient friendly bacteria. They help break down incompletely digested protein and carbohydrate in the gut, including lactose.

    • Pro-Intensive

      Multi-strain bacteria complex


      Providing four of the resident strains of friendly bacteria in your gut within a total of 9 billion viable organisms. High potency using well researched strains.

      30 Veg Caps (Blister)£9.75 More Info
      90 Veg Caps£26.50 £19.80 More Info
    • Pro-Mints

      Chewable mints with live bacteria


      What better way to take your daily beneficial bacteria than chewing a mint? Probio-Mints are made with Bacillus Coagulans, the same friendly bacteria as Probio-Daily.

      60 Veg Tabs£5.50 More Info
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