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Multi strain bacteria complex

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    • 4 highly effective resident strains of bacteria:
    • L.casei, L.acidophilus, B.lactis, B.bifidum
    • 9 billion bacteria per daily dose
    • Use to colonise the gut following illness and infection
    • Suitable for vegetarians

What is Pro-Intensive?

Pro-Intensive contains 4 strains of well-researched “friendly” probiotic bacteria providing 9 billion organisms per daily dose, to support a healthy balance of gut flora. This gut flora, often referred to as the gut microbiome, is not only a major part of your immune defences against harmful microbes, but also aids healthy digestion, the production of vitamins and the integrity of the gut lining. As if that is not enough, our gut bacteria has also been shown to affect our mood too! The balance of gut flora can however be easily upset by antibiotics, stress, poor sleep and a diet that is low in fibre from foods including vegetables, whole grains, pulses, nuts and seeds. We have formulated Pro-Intensive to help redress the balance and restore a healthy gut flora, especially during or after antibiotic use.

Why is ours better?

Pro-Intensive provides 4 highly effective strains – L.casei, L.acidophilus, B.lactis and B.bifidum, providing 9 billion viable organisms per daily dose of 3 capsules. Each of the four resident strains have been chosen for their ability to recolonise the gut effectively and have much research to confirm their safety in humans.

Who is this for?

Ideal for adults and children over 8 years to recolonise the gut after illness and infection and to support the gut flora during or after antibiotics.

Three capsules typically provide

In the order of 9 billion viable organisms, at time of manufacture. Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium bifidum.

Approx capsule size 16.6 x 6.6mm

Suggested intake

Take 1 capsule 3 times a day, with a glass of water immediately before a meal.

Please note

Please note for blister packs there is no need to refrigerate.
Store out of reach of children.

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