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Vegetarian Soya-free Wheat-free Gluten-free Yeast-free Dairy/Lactose-free Sugar-free Artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives-free Salt-free 

Adults Vitamin D3 Spray

Vitamin D Spray to aid a healthy immune system


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Get your fix of vitamin D – even on a winter's day – with our Adults Vitamin D3 Spray. Over 60% of the UK population is deficient in vitamin D, which is generated when skin is exposed to sunlight, making this travel-friendly spray an easy way to maintain good health in the dark winter months, or when you're stuck in an office all day. It’s formulated with vitamin D3, the active, absorbable form of vitamin D, and aids the normal function of the immune system.

  • Easy to use vitamin D spray
  • Aids a healthy immune system
  • Active formula that is easily absorbed into the system
  • Ideal for people who get minimal exposure to sunlight
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