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Vegetarian Vegan Corn/maize-free Soya-free Wheat-free Gluten-free Yeast-free Dairy/Lactose-free 

Organic Sprouted Flax Seeds

Omega-rich sprouted seeds


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Use our Organic Sprouted Flax Seeds to get more fibre, omega acids and lignans into your diet. Eaten straight from the spoon, or sprinkled over breakfast cereal and yoghurt, our sprouted flax seeds have a naturally sweet, delicious flavour and are gentle on the stomach. The process of sprouting not only increases the seed’s natural nutrient content, but also allows for greater bio-availability, so they’re easily digested into the system for maximum benefit.

  • Rich source of omegas 3, 6 and 9, fibre and lignans
  • Milled into a coarse powder that is easily digestable
  • For a healthy digestive system, brain and heart
  • High nutrient value due to natural sprouting process
  • Cholesterol-free


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