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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Cold pressed coconut oil

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VegetarianVeganYeast-freeArtificial colours, flavourings and preservatives-free

    • Non-dairy alternative to butter, margarine and vegetable oils
    • Retains full coconut flavour and aroma
    • Excellent source of energy
    • Stable when heated so ideal for cooking
    • Suitable for a raw food diet

What is Organic Virgin Coconut Oil?

What’s the buzz about coconut oil? Firstly, it's a great non-dairy alternative to butter and margarine, but unlike vegetable oils, it is one of the safest cooking oils, because it is heat stable and doesn’t create toxic trans-fats when heated. But that’s just the start! Coconut oil is also rich in medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are easily digestible and an excellent energy source. The medium chain fatty acid content makes the physical and chemical properties of coconut quite different from other oils and fats. Rather than storing MCTs as fat, the body tends to use them straight away for energy. MCTs also contain lauric and octanoic acids – lauric acid is known to have antimicrobial properties, whilst caprylic acid has been shown to have anti-fungal effects.

Why is ours better?

Our Virgin Coconut Oil is sourced from organically grown coconuts, cold pressed and retains its full coconut flavour and aroma. It is suitable for cooking and for spreading and an ideal addition to a raw food diet. If you prefer not to have the coconut flavour, non-virgin organic coconut oil is also available.

Who is this for?

Higher Nature’s Organic Virgin Coconut Butter is for anyone looking for a natural coconut alternative to butter, margarine and vegetable oils. Coconut oil is ideal for cooking, such as sautéing and stir frying, as it is a very stable oil and heat does not destroy its chemical structure. At room temperature coconut oil becomes semi-solid and can be spread on toast or crackers. If using in this way it is best kept out of the refrigerator for half to one hour to soften. It can also be used to coat meat, poultry or vegetables for roasting. It can even be added to smoothies!

Typical valued per 100g

Organic virgin coconut oil

Lauric acid 45g
Myristic acid

Suggested intake

Full coconut flavour & aroma. One of the healthiest cooking oils, with no toxic trans-fats when heated. Ideal for adding flavour to cooking and baking. Cholesterol and dairy free.

Store in a cool, dark place, away from heat and direct sunlight. Best consumed within 3 months of opening.

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