We all need a little extra help reaching and maintaining a healthy weight - our range of capsules, tablets, and shakes will reduce cravings and promote a healthy metabolism.

    • Chromium 200µg

      Natural energy supplement


      Chromium helps support normal glucose metabolism which means blood sugar levels stay balanced, and energy levels are sustained

      90 Veg Tabs£7.80 More Info
    • Concentrated CLA

      Shape and weight supplement

      CLA 1000mg

      Studies suggest that CLA, from safflower oil, helps maintain low body fat and optimum lean body mass for a more streamlined, trimmer figure.

      90 Gel Caps£26.40 £19.80 More Info
    • GTF Chromium Complex

      Blood Sugar Balance

      GTF Chromium Complex

      Chromium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels to ensure that blood sugar remains even and balanced. Great as part of a weight management programme.

      90 Veg Tabs£13.95 £10.40 More Info
    • HCA

      Powerful supplement to support weight management

      HCA - Hydroxycitric acid

      HCA is found in a variety of tropical plants including tamarind fruit. Best taken 30 minutes before a meal.

      90 Veg Tabs£14.50 More Info
    • Metabolic Balance

      Metabolism supplements

      Metabolic Balance

      A great all-round formulation to support any weight management programme, Metabolic Balance also provides vitamins B1, B3, B5 and vitamin C, which support normal energy-yielding metabolism. Get motivated!

      90 Veg Caps£15.60 £11.70 More Info
    • ZyloSweet (Xylitol)

      Low-calorie natural sugar alternative


      This natural sweetener, Xylitol, tastes like sugar but has 40% fewer calories, so it’s ideal to support a weight management programme.

      300 Gr Granules£5.45 More Info
      500 Gr Granules£8.30 More Info
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