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Kids Relax and Unwind

A calming drink for a relaxing evening routine

10 days' supply*

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  • Supports children’s bone development and health
  • Tasty berry flavour drink
  • Promotes relaxation and calm
  • Free from artificial sweeteners
  • Do not feed xylitol to dogs; if consumed seek veterinary advice

Delicious and nutritious; this tasty berry flavour drink is ideal for your little one’s healthy development, with calming natural ingredients to promote a relaxing bedtime routine. Containing calcium and magnesium to aid the health and maintenance of bones, alongside the naturally soothing amino acid theanine, this drink is designed to support your child’s busy lifestyle and can be used as an effective wind-down before naps or bedtime.

One sachet (9.4g) typically provides:

1.25µg Vitamin D2, 78.3mg Vitamin C, 120mg Calcium, 90mg Magnesium, 50mg Theanine, 301mg Citric Acid, 14mg Malic Acid.

Suggested intake:

Blend one sachet into a mug of preferably hot, or cold, water until it dissolves. For children over 3 years.

Please note

Do not feed xylitol to dogs; if consumed seek veterinary advice. Large quantities may have a laxative effect.

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