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Saw Palmetto Complex

Complete one-a-day formula for male health


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What is Saw Palmetto?

The new Higher Nature Saw Palmetto complex is formulated with a range of synergistic plant extracts and minerals for all round support. Many men find that as they age their sleep is disturbed by calls of nature in the middle of the night which are annoying and tiring. Saw palmetto has long been used as the go-to herb for men as they age. Originally native to the West Indies and southern USA saw palmetto has distinct palm shaped leaves and dark red berries, the ripe berries are picked and dried before being concentrated in an extract.

Our new Saw Palmetto Complex also contains a host of beneficial extracts from other plants including pomegranate, lycopene from tomatoes, broccoli sprouts, martime pine bark and nettle root. It also includes phytosterols. These are naturally occurring in plants and they are well known for supporting cholesterol, these compounds are also helpful in this formula. To complete the line-up we have added zinc which contributes to normal testosterone levels and selenium which contributes to normal sperm development. It is an ideal formula for men to take as they age and testosterone levels start to fall.

Who is this for?

Formulated for men, this formula is ideal to take from mid-50s onwards when testosterone levels start to drop. Zinc is known to help support normal testosterone levels. Saw palmetto has also long been used to help reduce bothersome symptoms men suffer as they age.
If you find you need to empty your bladder frequently in the night then this is the supplement to try!

Why is ours better?

A one-a-day complete formula for male health. Based on the latest research, our Saw Palmetto Complex is formulated with 9 complementary nutrients for full support. Many of the nutrients in this formula have been shown in research to work better together than on their own.

  • The complete formula for male health
  • Particularly helpful for men who are bothered by their bladder in the night
  • Zinc contributes to normal testosterone levels
  • Selenium helps with sperm production and helpsprotect cells from oxidative stress
  • Take daily for at least 3 months
  • Seek medical advice if suffering from prostate disorders


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