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Pregnancy Plus (formerly known as Mum-2-Be)

For fertility, pregnancy and beyond

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    • Multivitamin and minerals formulated for fertility, pregnancy and beyond
    • Provides the recommended level of folic acid
    • Supports fertility whilst preparing or planning pregnancy
    • For developing baby and mum from early pregnancy and throughout
    • Perfect after pregnancy whether breast or bottle-feeding
    • 24 nutrients essential to health and wellbeing including calcium, magnesium, iron and B vitamin

What is Pregnancy Plus?

Trust our expertly formulated multivitamin and mineral pregnancy supplement designed with you in mind. It provides essential nutrients to support you throughout your journey, giving you peace of mind that you have the nutrients you need at every stage. Formulated to provide optimal support for women before, during and beyond pregnancy.  

For fertility and conception

Vitamins and minerals are a great way to prepare your body for the demands of pregnancy, whilst providing support for optimal fertility. Pregnancy Plus includes the Department of Health’s and NHS recommended level of folic acid, as well as zinc which is needed for fertility and DNA synthesis. Vitamin B6 is also included for the regulation of hormonal activity.

For pregnancy

Pregnancy Plus also contains iron which is necessary for cognitive development in children. Iron is often deficient in the second and third trimester of pregnancy due to the increased demand on the body which can lead to tiredness and fatigue. Added iodine contributes to normal growth in children.

And beyond

Includes vitamin B12 for cell division and red blood cell formation, plus calcium and vitamin D which are needed for normal growth and development of bones in children. And once your baby arrives, Pregnancy Plus provides the full spectrum of B vitamins to support your energy levels, together with zinc and iron which are often low after pregnancy. It’s the ideal support in the hectic months after birth and can be used whilst breast-feeding.

Why is ours better?

Formulated for women at any stage in their journey. Whether you are working to support fertility in the months before conception, whilst planning pregnancy, or to provide essential nutrients throughout pregnancy. It can also be taken after your little one has arrived for continued support whilst breast-feeding or simply adjusting to this new life phase.

Who is this for?

Excellent levels of key vitamins and minerals including folic acid to get you ready for pregnancy and to give you and your little one important nutrients needed throughout the three pregnancy stages and beyond. No need to switch products – this formula provides all you need for all stages – no need to think about seeking out different products on your journey so you can just focus on you, knowing we have you covered. Includes beta-carotene as a safe alternative to vitamin A. Pregnant women should avoid taking too much vitamin A. Beta carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body as required.

Pregnancy supplement - often paired with Super Potency Fish Oil

Three tablets typically provide

7.5µg Vitamin D (300iu), 60mg a-TE Vitamin E (90iu), 322mg Vitamin C, 50mg Thiamin (Vitamin B1), 50mg Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), 90mg NE Niacin (Vitamin B3), 9.9mg Vitamin B6, 405µg Folic acid, 15µg Vitamin B12, 75µg Biotin, 75mg Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5), 519mg Calcium, 5mg Iron, 225mg Magnesium, 15mg Zinc, 45µg Iodine, 45µg Selenium, 3.9mg Manganese, 45µg Chromium, 90µg Vitamin K, 4.5mg Beta Carotene, 1.5mg Boron, 30mg Choline, 30mg Inositol,75µg Copper. -- No added: Salt, wheat, gluten, lactose, dairy products, artificial preservatives, colours or flavourings.


Pregnant women take 3 tablets a day.

Please note

This level of folic acid should only be taken for short periods, unless pregnant or planning pregnancy. May not be suitable for people with a fish or crustacean allergy.


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