Teen Health

Teenagers and young adults have greater nutrition and energy requirements now than at any other time in their lives.

Our Teen range features a selection of products catering for nutritional needs, everyday essentials, study aids and skincare to provide complete support.

    • Advanced Daily Support

      Travel supplement strips

      Advanced Daily Support

      Includes Omega 3 for eye and skin health and Vitamin C for daily immune support plus other powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E, Zinc and Selenium, for protection against free radical damage.

      18 blisters£9.99 £7.50 More Info
    • Brain Nutrients

      Healthy brain supplement

      Advanced Brain Nutrients

      Provides key vitamins, phospholipids and amino acids to optimise the function of the brain, for healthy concentration, memory and learning.

      30 veg caps£11.05 More Info
      90 veg caps£29.35 More Info
      180 veg caps£57.85 More Info
    • Concentration Support

      Focus and concentration supplement

      Concentration Support

      Vitamin B complex which makes a deliciously tangy refreshing lemon and lime drink. Ideal during periods of stress or when concentration and focus is a must.

      10 tablets£7.99 £3.99 More Info
    • Energy Breakfast Shake

      Nutritious energy shake

      Energy Breakfast Shake

      Start the day with this delicious, energy-boosting shake, with Sunflower, Sesame and Pumpkin seeds, Quinoa, Rice protein and beet fibre for protein and fibre. It provides complex carbohydrates for slow energy release through the morning and is flavoured and sweetened with whole apples.

      270 g veg powder£17.95 More Info
    • Hydrate

      Replenishing rehydration drink


      These easy to use, single serving electrolyte re-hydration sachets, replace essential electrolytes lost through perspiration.

      14 sachets£9.99 More Info
      14 Sachets£9.99 £4.95 More Info
    • Multi Vit Shots

      Multivitamin cherry cola shots

      Multi-Vitamin Shot

      Multi Vit Shots – natural cherry cola flavour multivitamins, tongue tingling shots formulated for young adults. A UK first.

      14 sachets£5.99 £2.98 More Info
    • Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules

      Omega 3 fish oil supplements

      Omega 3 Fish Oil

      When buying fish oils it is important to ensure that the fish is uncontaminated. We guarantee that Higher Nature fish oils are free from pollutants such as PCBs and each batch is screened and tested. Our fish oils are from sardines and anchovies, small oily fish near the bottom of the food chain which feed on plankton, unlike large predatory oily fish like tuna and swordfish

      90 gel caps£9.55 More Info
      180 gel caps£16.70 £12.50 More Info
    • PreMenstrual Complex

      Hormone balancing supplement

      PreMenstrual Complex

      A specific formulation, which is best taken throughout the month, with carefully selected vitamins, minerals and botanicals including American ginseng, hops and dandelion. Contains vitamin B6 which helps regulate normal hormonal activity

      60 veg caps£13.00 More Info
    • Rest Well

      Effective sleep spray

      Rest Well Spray

      Fresh tasting minty spray to keep by your bedside, to help switch off and relax.

      13 .5ml Spray£9.99 £7.45 More Info
    • Skin Support

      Clear skin supplement

      Skin Support

      Supports clear and healthy skin, not treating it after the event like topical creams which can dry the skin

      60 caps£14.99 More Info
    • Worry Not Spray

      Calming spray for stress relief

      Worry Not

      Delicious, natural strawberry and vanilla flavoured spray, for when your nerves are frazzled! Perfect for those stressful moments. Great for periods of anxiety and stress, a mix of B vitamins, theanine and herbs in a delicious, natural strawberry and vanilla flavour spray.

      13 .5ml spray£9.99 £4.99 More Info
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