Stock up on superfoods

Q: Why are superfoods so good for us and how can I make sure I’m getting enough?

A: Superfoods are foods with health-giving or supporting properties. They tend to be fresh foods that are naturally high in nutrients, especially antioxidants.

Antioxidants are thought to protect against ‘free radical’ damage, a potentially destructive chemical process that can age us prematurely and lead to a number of unwanted health complaints.

Superfoods, rich in antioxidants, include citrus fruits, peppers, carrots, berries, tomatoes and broccoli sprouts.

Grape seed extract contains an important nutrient called resveratrol, which may help to support a healthy heart, and green tea is a rich source of antioxidant polyphenols called catechins. These nutrients are up to 100 times more effective than vitamin C!

And chlorella, a tiny, fresh-water algae thought to be the first ever plant on Earth, is rich in protein, vitamins – especially B12 - minerals, beta carotene, alpha lipoic acid and chlorophyll.

A diet rich in these superfoods will pack a powerful nutritional punch and if it’s not always possible to eat healthily, a supplement may help.

Remember balance is key: some foods are indeed super by virtue of the good they can do, but no one food can ‘undo’ the damage caused by unhealthy foods.

Think ‘super diet’, incorporating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrains and essential fats, and you’ll be well on your way to super health!

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