Much is known about the harmful and ageing effects of UV light on the skin, so most of us will make sure we’re regularly topped up on SPF. But you may not know so much about High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light.

Blue light travels at a different wavelength to UV rays, actually penetrating our skin at a deeper level than UVA and UVB.  That means that blue light needs an entirely new scientifically developed formulation to block it. That blue light, which comes from our digital devices; smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs and of course the sun, has been proven to cause damage and ageing.

The good news? There’s a defence against HEV blue light. Digital Defence.

The Natural Answer To Digital Ageing

Digital Defence is the next generation in plant based skincare reducing the harmful effects and photo-ageing caused from day to day exposure to digital screen technology. Designed to protect against the skin’s daily assault from High Energy Visible and is proven to restore skin and combat the visible signs of digital ageing.

Digital Defence is a natural, organic and vegan certified range, and when used as a range, is clinically proven to protect the skin from 100% of HEV radiation and help reduce the long-term resulting damage.

Digital Defence Exfoliating Treatment Mask and the Digital Defence Hydrating Cleansing Milk prepare the skin, while the Digital Defence Day & Night Protection Serum, the Digital Defence Day & Night moisturising Protection Cream and the Digital Defence Duel Action Eye Cream offer a proven reduction in the visible signs of digital ageing and a 100% clinically proven block of HEV blue light.

The Science

DigiTect® is a scientific complex of plant based active, organic and natural ingredients that are clinically proven to protect the skin against HEV blue light by shielding against both blue and red light and reducing their harmful effects.

The formula acts in four fundamental ways.

  1. Absorbs harmful high energy wavelengths
  2. Contains powerful natural properties to fortify the skin’s natural defences
  3. A dual filter protection against visible blue light
  4. With added infrared protection

This combination blocks 100% HEV blue light.

Clinical Trials and Results

Clinical tests were performed on diluted Digital Defence Day & Night Moisturising Protection Cream at a wavelength of 410 nanometres, the wavelength at which blue light penetrates the skin  

The test worked by measuring the percentage of rays passing through the diluted solution.

The cream was diluted down to 10% in water. When testing, 0% of blue rays passed through the solution, meaning that the cream blocked 100% of the rays, even at this much diluted level.

The Nature

The Digital Defence range contains natural active ingredients including:

Organic Argan Oil which promotes suppleness and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Organic Avocado Oil makes lines and wrinkles appear diminished, while also adding moisture to nourish the skin. Organic Lemon Extract works as an astringent and exfoliant, to effectively prepare the skin for subsequent treatment. Organic Jojoba Oil has a composition that is very similar to the oils in human skin (sebum) and acts as an instant moisturiser for added hydration. Glucono Delta Lactone acid gently exfoliates the skin and encourages renewal for skin that appears to glow.  Organic Blueberry Extract is capable of filtering blue light. In addition, the formulas are packed with vitamins A and E, as well as omegas 3 and 6.

Need More Data?

Our formulas, contain organic, natural plant-based extracts and oils, making them suitable for all skin types. In consumer tests, conducted in a clinical environment the formula was successful in reducing the damage caused over time by exposure to HEV blue light and premature ageing.

Consumer trials, conducted in a clinical environment resulted in the following average improvements over just a four week period using the full Digital Defence range as per recommended guidelines.

  • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles by 25%

  • Helps reduce skin sensitivity by 91%
  • Helps improve skin elasticity by 29%
  • Hydrates skin by 31%
  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots by 15%
  • Improves the appearance of problematic skin by 65%

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