Say hello to a tailored programme of nutritional supplements that work together to help keep you feeling at your best. Designed to address a specific need, our daily nutrients packs come in five variants to tackle different life challenges head on.

We’ve taken our expertise and combined three daily supplements into one easy daily strip to maximise your ability to cope with a range of lifestyle factors. Struggling to get a restful night’s sleep? Wanting to feel more calm and in control? Wish you had more energy? Looking to support your immune system? Or are you battling to get the optimum nutrient levels on a vegan diet?

We’ve got a pack for that.

The three supplements come in a handy blister strip which is easy to tear off and carry around so they can be taken on the go for a convenient way to take vitamins and minerals. Our daily nutrient packs are the ideal solution if you find it hard to remember to take your supplements, or lead busy a lifestyle and need to stay on top of your supplement intake.

What does each box contain?

Daily Nutrients for Calm

Containing an ideal blend of nutrients that are designed to support those with a stressful lifestyle our little box of calm helps deal with lack of energy, difficulty concentrating and fatigue. With Ashwagandha & Rhodiola, plus our High Strength B complex and Super Magnesium which is naturally sourced and so well-tolerated, if you notice that you’re feeling ‘tired but wired’ this would be the pack to go for.

Ashwagandha is a well-known supplement which adapts to the body’s needs, promoting balance and assisting in the reduction of anxiety and stress. Working perfectly with Ashwagandha is Rhodiola, helping to reduce mental fatigue and improve overall well-being. Up next is our high strength Magnesium formula, a well known supplement that supports many body systems, including the stress-response system and helps decrease stress and anxiety. As B vitamins are depleted during times of stress, this pack wouldn’t be complete without our high strength vitamin B complex.

Daily Nutrients for Energy & Vitality

Want you get-up-and-go back? This pack provides optimal nutrients that work together to boost energy levels all day long.

This includes our energising B complex which not only incorporates a high level of B vitamins but also includes Siberian ginseng, American ginseng and Korean ginseng. These help balance stress levels, as well as providing a stimulating effect and helping to combat fatigue.

The addition of Co-Enzyme Q10 and Chromium complete the trio of nutrients. Co-enzyme OQ10 supports energy production as well as being a powerful antioxidant.  It is rounded out with Chromium, which is essential to support blood sugar balance and avoid those energy dips. If you’re looking for an alternative to chocolate biscuits and caffeine when you need an energy hit, this could be the pack for you.


Daily Nutrients for Immunity

Immunity has been placed higher up many of our agendas in 2020. Our immunity pack includes vitamin C and zinc, our Advanced Immune Complex including proven effective ingredient Wellmune®  and probiotic to help support many elements that affect our immune systems.

Of course we know that vitamin C and zinc are two of the powerhouses when it comes to supporting immunity but the addition of Wellmune® serves as an ideal complement for immune support.

Wellmune® has undergone many research studies to demonstrate its effectiveness on immunity. It works in the body by helping to prime the immune system by binding to the immune cells. This means that any nasty intruder is identified and killed off more quickly by our bodies. A 2010 study of Wellmune® showed a reduction on both upper respiratory tract symptoms as well as improved mood and increased energy levels. Lastly our probiotic helps promote healthy bacterial growth in our stomachs and acts as a preventative measure against infections.

Choose this pack is you’re looking for extra protection from recurring colds and support through the winter months.

Daily Nutrients for a Restful Night

Lack of sleep seems to be a growing problem as worries sometimes make it hard to drift off or stay asleep through the night. If you’re finding daytimes challenging due to tiredness and fatigue, this is the pack for you.

Our Restful Night pack contains a complementary blend of nutrients to support relaxation and promote healthy sleep.  It includes a targeted combination of high strength Magnesium, the amino acid L-theanine and 5HTP.

Magnesium plays an important role in the body, especially in helping with sleep challenges. L-Theanine has the benefits of providing a feeling of ‘relaxed alertness’ as well as countering the effect of stimulants such as caffeine. 5HTP supports the production of both serotonin and melatonin in the brain, helping to regulate the sleep cycle and supporting a healthy night-time routine.  It is also known to promote sleep quality and duration.


Daily Nutrients for Vegans

The benefits of a plant –based diet are vast, however it may be more challenging for vegans obtain adequate nutrients from their diet, especially while juggling busy lifestyles. The vegan pack provides a specially formulated trio of nutrients that are more likely to be lacking in those who opt for a plant-based diet.

This pack contains our Advanced Multi, which contains a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals with a full complement of energy supporting B vitamins including the absorbable forms of B12, essential for vegans.

We also include our Gentle Iron supplement. Although iron can be obtained in some amounts from plant foods, there is always the challenge of getting enough. Plant sources of iron can be harder to absorb, so we include your iron requirements in a well absorbed and well tolerated form, ideal for vegans. To aid absorption, vitamin C and copper are included.

The final addition to our vegan pack is our new Calcium which is a natural plant source form for maximum absorption. Sourced from sourced from pure, sustainable, Icelandic waters our calcium is provides in a form that is well absorbed and gut-friendly.

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