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Lynsey Vaughan

Higher Nature Nutritional Therapist

Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr)


Dance of the Hormones

Hormones influence every part of our body. For women in particular, there are many changes over time, both regularly and at different life stages. Learn more about supporting your balanced hormone levels from eating healthy to managing stress, sugar intake and improving your gut connections.

Marvellous Magnesium

This often overlooked but vital mineral is essential for over 600 reactions in the body. It plays a key role in areas such as energy metabolism, maintaining strong bones and a healthy heart, sleep quality, stress resilience and recovery from exercise.

Eating for Energy

Life is full of things needing our energy, many of which are a source of joy or cause for celebration. However if you’re struggling with summoning the energy to fully enjoy all the things you want to do this can be frustrating.

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