Feeling good relies on sleeping well. From our immune system to our mood, stress resilience and even our weight, getting a good night’s rest is key to our health and even our biological age and longevity.

But how do you ensure you get the zzzzs you need? Hot weather, high stress, hectic schedules and busy social lives can all leave us needing a helping hand to drift off or to stay asleep.

Sticking to a routine bedtime and wake time is helpful in setting the body’s natural sleep rhythms. Whether adult or child this is one of the single best things you can do if you struggle to wind down and get a good night.

What you do in the evening can help enormously. Switch off phones, tablets and anything with a blue light screen which is known to inhibit the body’s production of melatonin, the hormone which makes the brain feel sleepy. Take a warm bath or shower, this helps to lower the body’s core temperature, bringing heat out of the body, which also triggers sleep. Avoid eating late which keeps the body busy rather than preparing you for sleep, and avoid exercising at least 2 hours before bed.

Still stuck for much needed rest? Try our easy and convenient Rest Well Spray – handy by the bedside and perfect for travels, it delivers comfort and reassurance in times of need. Combining a unique botanical blend including wild cherry, passion flower, hops, valerian and skullcap with trusted 5-HTP and theanine, it’s perfect for evening and night time.

Kids sometimes need help winding down too, especially when out of routine over school holidays or when trying to get back into routine as term time approaches. Step up our Relax and Unwind, a deliciously calming and soothing berry flavour drink with theanine and magnesium to help ease the path to bed.

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